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We’ve compiled a list of common questions from our previous clients. Browse through the categories below. Otherwise, contact us if your question isn’t listed below.

Our clients provide a fragrance brief to us, this can include providing a reference sample of a fragrance they wish to improve upon. As part of the collaboration process, we want to ensure we understand you, your business and your direction. If you are a client that is able to meet our MOQ’s we ask that you complete our client establishment form so we can correctly capture all of your important information. The second part is to complete our Project Brief form. This will give our team a great head start, prior to having a phone consult with you, to understand your direction for your fragrances and end products.

We can start with what scents you want to achieve. Our company can deliver a series of samples with their corresponding range of applications.

Our manufacturing processes are accredited against the international quality standards of ISO9001 and all our fragrances are formulated to the international IFRA guidelines.

We are fortunate to have built relationships with producers and manufacturers across the world that are able to develop consistent quality raw materials from season to season. Should the product be limited, we are able to source alternatives and variations of the compounds that adhere to the same quality and aromatic profile so that the fragrance oil is not affected.

Yes. We are ready to take on projects no matter how big or small. Every fragrance oil is formulated to adhere to the quantity needed to fulfil your order.

The ingredients of our fragrances undergo a safety evaluation process set by the Research Institute for Fragrance Materials (RIFM). It involves conducting tests on ingredients using the latest methodologies and practices.

The objective of the International Fragrance Association (IFRA) is to uphold people’s trust in products with fragrances. This standard is developed to check the safe use of fragrance oil.

The International Organization for Standardisation is an agency that looks at a range of activities in a company. From the product creation and materials to the supply and delivery of the products. It’s an organisation that uses systematic methods to meet the customer’s objectives while keeping the quality consistent.

We use a range of technology to perform checks on our products. Our production facility and practices are externally audited on a regular basis to ensure our standards are maintained.

Customisation is made possible by our extensive fragrance collection from world-class perfumers. We are constantly developing fragrances with our international team of perfumers.

By working with our clients to understand their branding concepts or requirements we are able to create fragrances that will satisfy our clients’ requirements.

Our scents are for a wide range of products which includes laundry, air care, candles, soaps, personal care, cleaning, and many more.

No. We can work with companies and ship our products around the world.

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