How Do You Add Fragrance Oil to Liquid Soap?

Liquid Soap is a wonderfully versatile product that we mostly all use multiple times a day and that can be found in several applications throughout the house. Everything from hand pumps at the kitchen and bathroom basin, body wash in the shower, pour bottles for washing the dishes, clothes and floor just to name a few. The common factor these products all share, other than the fact that they are all cleaning agents for various personal and home uses, is fragrance.

If you are familiar with making soap from scratch, you would no doubt be aware that solid soap is made with sodium hydroxide and that liquid soap is made with potassium hydroxide (KOH). Both substances are relatively similar however, potassium hydroxide has the ability to make soft soap and when combined together with water, liquid soap is then formed.

How Much Fragrance or Essential Oil Do You Need?

The best fragrance for soap making can be either natural essential oils or fragrance oils, depending on your use. How much fragrance in soap will be contingent upon several other factors such as the type, manufacturer, purpose etc.

Generally speaking, if we were to look at the essential oil percentage in soap – most manufactures would use 1% essential oil which is 1g oil to 100g of liquid soap base. This blend should result in a lovely fragrant liquid soap that is perfectly balanced. However, in some cases, this may be too subtle and as such, 1.5% essential oil dosage should suffice. It will be important to test your liquid soap batches so that you create the perfect blend for your particular product and application.

When’s the Best Time to Add the Fragrance?

Depending on if you are creating a DIY liquid soap at home or you have engaged a manufacturer to make your product, how to add fragrance to soap may vary. Most research suggests for home DIY made liquid soap batches, adding the fragrance to the liquid soap as it is cooling is preferable. However, we recommend you test various options so that your end product is the best quality it can be.

What Are the Benefits of Adding Essential Oil to Soap?

It’s interesting to note that one may find that essential oil soap benefits may also include feelings of calming, energising or invigorating due to their aromatherapy properties. Essential oils that are popular in liquid soaps tend to be those from the citrus family such as orange, lemon and bergamot. This is most likely due to the fact that citrus has all-natural antibacterial properties, are known to effectively boost the immune system and have been found in some cases to effectively boost the immune system.

Furthermore, that zesty citrus top note adds an instant freshness and uplifting quality to a room. Another popular essential oil in liquid soap is peppermint, tea tree and eucalyptus. Like citrus fruit, these essential oils can be uplifting and energising and add a wonderful aroma to your home.

What’s the Best Fragrance Oil to Use?

Whatever your fragrance oil choice, be sure to research and find the best recipe to follow that clearly explains how you add fragrance oil to liquid soap. This way, your soap will not only be an effective cleaning agent but a beautifully smelling one as well.

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