Pet Care

Companion animals have been driving industry sales, and that’s a trend that will continue for the foreseeable future.  Pet owners humanize their pets more and more every year, and that trend has a direct impact on industry sales. Since we treat our pets like they are our children, we want the best products for them.  There is a reason dogs and cats are referred to as ‘fur babies.’ Our pets are sleeping in our beds and living on our furniture, which has motivated pet owners to keep their pet’s cleaner and fresher.

Fragrance Innovation Australia understands the importance of making your pet care products inviting and suitable for the perfect pet companion.  With vast experience in the design and creation of pet suitable fragrance, FIA has a never-ending supply of creative inspiration when it comes to this creation.  We are constantly expanding this market and creating truly unique styles for the fur baby market.

What We Do

Our products are inspired by the seasons and the latest trends. With our ideas and innovation, we can invent the ideal fragrance oils and bases for your products.

Our Team

We are passionate and dedicated people working in a dynamic industry we love! The FIA team brings a wealth of knowledge and passion to the constantly evolving, and always exciting, fragrance industry. With over 50 years of combined experience, we are proud to supply some of the most outstanding brands in our current market both here and abroad.

Fragrance Innovation Australia employees on their laboratory

our process

1. Fragrance

Send us a fragrance sample for analysis, or submit your fragrance brief for brand direction.

2. Lab Testing & Technical Creation

Our perfumers and technical team create a fragrance that performs, fits the brief and is suitable for the application.

3. Quality

Our fragrances are created in accordance with stringent international regulations and internal quality control processes.

4. evaluation

Fragrance samples are sent to you for evaluation, testing and approval.

5. purchase

Order is placed once fragrance sample is approved.  Minimum order quantity is 20 kg per fragrance.

6. Shipped

Production lead times are 8-10 business days.  We ship our products worldwide.

Our Partnerships

Fragrance Innovation Australia’s Quality Management Systems are certified to the ISO 9001 standard.

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