What are Reed Diffusers and How Do They Work?

Most people think of candles when it comes to adding an instant welcoming fragrance to their home. However, reed diffusers are fast becoming popular additions to rooms in our living spaces and workplaces.
You may not be as familiar with reed diffusers as candles? As such, we’ve captured all the information you need to know about reed diffusers in order to help make your home fragrance choice as simple as possible.

What is a Reed Diffuser?

Reed diffusers, or sometimes referred to as aroma diffusers, are designed to drift and fill fragrance into the air in your room or space. The system is very simplistic and consists of a vessel with fragranced liquid and reed sticks. The reed sticks, or sometimes referred to as wicks, are very absorbent. Reed diffuser suppliers usually make them out of various tall grasses with slender stems or rattan wood. When the reed sticks are placed into the carrier vessel, the fragrance oil seeps up through them, is absorbed, and the fragrance is then diffused into the room leaving a wonderful aroma.
Reed diffusers make for a very popular and practical way to add a consistent fragrance to your interiors, without the use of flame, heat or power.

How long do Reed Diffusers last?

A good quality reed diffuser can last up to four to six months. If after some time you feel the diffuser is not releasing as much fragrance, simply turn the reed sticks over and the fresh scent will soon again be released. Keep in mind that the more you turn and flip the reeds, the quicker the fragrance oil will evaporate. You may find however, over time the reeds can become too saturated and, attract dust. This can slow down the release of the fragrance into your room. As such, we would recommend replenishing the vessel with fresh reeds/sticks. More often than not, the diffusers liquid will evaporate before requiring you to change the reeds. However, good news is that most reed diffuser suppliers sell reeds/sticks and the fragrance liquid on their own so, no need to buy a whole new reed diffuser – simply replace with fresh reeds or liquid as needed.

Why Use a Reed Diffuser?

Reed diffusers are an energy-efficient means of adding a lovely fragrance to the space they are placed in. Given a flame or heat source is not required to activate them, they make for a wonderful choice as they don’t require extinguishing or monitoring and can be safely used when no one is home. Furthermore, they can be placed up high on a shelf – away from inquisitive toddlers or beloved pets. Some people claim they are not as effective as burning a candle however, this is a positive for those with sensitivities to strong smells as they are known to be a more gentle aroma.

Given the more gentle nature of the aroma of a reed diffuser, this allows you to use different fragrances in multiple rooms of your house as, the fragrance won’t carry as far as a candle. For this reason, reed diffusers allow members of the home or workplace, to customise and tailor their own bedroom or office space with their preferred fragrance. Reed diffusers also make for a wonderful home décor addition to your space. They come in a myriad of beautiful decorative packaging from voluptuous ceramics to long-slender glass bottles as well as black or natural coloured reeds. Furthermore, a reed diffuser is a wonderful investment as, a number of large suppliers also sell the fragrance oil to refill. This way, you’re not wasting any of the lovely packaging and can simply wash the vessel and replace the fragrance liquid. Likewise, you could try another fragrance once the original one has evaporated. With a little searching – you’ll soon find the perfect reed diffuser and fragrance solution to complement your home interior style or, workplace.

Can Reed Diffusers be used with Candles?

When shopping for home fragrance, you may have noticed that you can often purchase lovely duo packs of a fragrant candle and matching fragrance reed diffuser? This is because they are an amazingly effective home fragrance when used in conjunction with each other. The reed diffuser works as a subtle consistent fragrant release and, the candle adds an instant fragrance lift when burnt. As such, they are the perfect decorative fragrance pairing to add to your home décor.
If it’s consistent, non-stop fragrance you’re wanting in your home or workplace then, choosing a reed diffuser is a wonderful option. So, next time you’re shopping for fragrance, why not give them a try and see for yourself!

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